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Cluck The Diet

Cluck The Diet

We’re waging war on toxic diet culture

At Black Rooster, we are firm believers that eating out should be about connection, not restriction. Embracing the joy of food with friends and family isn’t something to feel guilty about, and whilst we don’t profess to be the healthiest alternative, we’re all about balance – feeding minds as well as bodies, and prioritising mental health as well as physical.

We’ve had so many conversations with customers and content creators who have been affected by unhealthy relationships with food, focusing on the negative connotations of ‘fast food’ and ‘eating out’ over the way that food unites us.

We've all experienced it - dreading meals out when we're trying to be 'good' and worrying about how many calories are in that burger we're craving while everyone else is happily tucking in.

It's time to take a stand against this toxic diet culture. Cost of living. Covid. Rising energy prices. Unemployment. Don't we have enough to worry about? If getting together for a bite with our nearest gives us a moment of balance, then we say CLUCK IT.

Have that burger. Enjoy those fries. Create the laughs, make the memories, have the conversations and most importantly - don't beat yourself up about it!

Cluck The Diet isn't just a phrase we've come up with to encourage customers to ditch the diet and buy our chicken. Far from it. Cluck the Diet is a movement. An ethos. And something we feel truly passionate about.

In 2023 we're waging war on toxic diet culture. We'll be asking the important questions, speaking to the experts and bringing you original content, products and experiences designed to help you find the right balance and unite over food.

Checking back here for details of what's coming up, and keep an eye on our socials to find out how you can get involved in our #CluckTheDiet movement.